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Manana Island

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Manana Island near Makapu'u Beach off the eastern coast of Oahu, also known locally as Rabbit Island
Manana Island near Oahu, also known locally as Rabbit Island

Manana Island or Rabbit Island is a small island located off of Makapuu Beach on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, U.S.A.

The island presents a challenging and potentially dangerous ocean swim around an incredibly gorgeous uninhabited seabird sanctuary island near one of the most popular beaches in Hawaii. The island is near one of the most famous body surfing beaches on Oahu and is called Rabbit Island by the locals.

The Makapuu Beach Park nearly always has rough water conditions and strong currents and sharks are an ever-present danger. Surfers and kayakers have been attacked by sharks in this area and extreme caution is strongly advised. If no experienced and vigilant escorts are available, swimmers are advised to avoid open water swimming around Manana Island.

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