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Perry Mason

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Perry Mason was a fictional television character who starred for several years in the 1960s in a television program called Perry Mason. In episode #234 called The Case of the Murderous Mermaid that aired 18 March 1965, Reggie Lansfield was a beautiful young woman who is prepared to pull any stunt to get recognition and make a bit of money. She's approached by representatives of Victoria Dawn, herself a champion swimmer and someone who made a name for herself by swimming from Catalina to the coast 10 years before. Once they've satisfied themselves as to her swimming ability, they tell Reggie that she is to impersonate Victoria and swim from Catalina. It's all a publicity stunt to get Victoria's name in the papers again. Reggie agrees but part way across the boat that's accompanying her blows up, though the operator, Charlie Shaw, is not seriously hurt. Clearly someone was meant to be killed in that explosion and when Victoria is found dead in her cottage at a rest home, Reggie is arrested and Perry Mason tries to get to the bottom of it all.

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