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Parks Wesson

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Parks Wesson, California waterman
Parks Wesson, a native of Dallas, Texas

Parks Wesson (born April 1 in Dallas, Texas) is a personable and accomplished waterman in Long Beach, California who works in the oil industry. The former Texas A&M swimming star is now an oil company executive at Occidental Petroleum Corp.

He was part of the Long Beach Swim Focus Catalina Relay in October 2011 that set the overall Catalina Channel record of 6 hours 53 minutes 4 seconds.

Long Beach Swim Focus Catalina Relay

The Long Beach Swim Focus Catalina Relay is from Long Beach, California that set the world record across the Catalina Channel on 7 October 2011 from the California mainland to Catalina Island in 6 hours 53 minutes. The relay swim was performed to raise money for the charity - Habitat for Humanity - and included Hank Wise, Lyle Nalli, Ted Bramble, Matty Mitchell, Parks Wesson, and Lexie Kelly together with Pace swimmer Samantha Sears, Paddlers Benjamin Landis and Matt Landis, and escort boat Captain Greg Wise aboard the El Goofy.

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WOWSA Live Interview

with Hank Wise, Lyle Nalli, Ted Bramble and Benjamin Landis on WOWSA Live

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