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Parinacota Volcano

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Parinacota, Parina Quta or Parinaquta is a dormant stratovolcano on the border of Chile and Bolivia. Together with Pomerape it forms the Nevados de Payachata volcanic chain. Part of the Central Volcanic Zone of the Andes, its summit reaches an elevation of 6,380m (20,930 ft) above sea level. The symmetrical cone is capped by a summit crater with widths of 1 km or 500m. Farther down on the southern slopes lie three parasitic centres known as the Ajata cones. These cones have generated lava flows. The volcano overlies a platform formed by lava domes and andesitic lava flows.

Open Water Swimming[edit]

Bárbara Hernández Huerta completed 7.5 km high-altitude swim across the nearby Chungará Lake in 10°C water on 28 November 2020 in 2 hours 11 minutes.

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