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* [ OSS Adventure Series: Baggy Point]
* [ OSS Adventure Series: Baggy Point]
* [ Alpkit]
* [ Alpkit]
* [ Goodwill And Good Times]

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The OSS Adventure Series or the Outdoor Swimming Society Adventure Series is a series of free wild swims, offered to OSS swimmers by OSS swimmers. The Adventure Series is for competent, confident swimmers who swim at their own risk as peers - there is no safety cover. The Series is supported by Alpkit.


Morgan Gibson is the OSS Adventure Swim Coordinator together with the Outdoor Swimming Society founder Kate Rew.


The OSS Adventure Series is designed to harness goodwill between open water swimmers and good times.

2015 Adventure Series Swims[edit]

2014 Adventure Series Swims[edit]


Swimmers can suggest ideas for future swims by emailing


  • Alpkit

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