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Openwaterpedia is a compilation of open water swimming information and multimedia content for the global open water swimming community offered by the World Open Water Swimming Association. Its staff has developed unique databases, proprietary informational resources and entertaining mobile apps that educate, motivate and stimulate swimmers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Its staff travels the world participating in, advising for, observing or reporting on open water swims and trends and open water swimmers, both amateur and professional marathon swimmers, which enables them to present its content and vision.
Open water swimming in the Cayman Islands

Men's 10K Marathon Swim (Tokyo Olympics)

Women's 10K Marathon Swim (Tokyo Olympics)

Openwaterpedia is the Wikipedia for the open water swimming world


Openwaterpedia is a unique, comprehensive, multilingual online reference and research tool for the endurance sports, triathlon and aquatic community. Its 75,575 pages of content are useful for research, reference and enhancing one's knowledge and appreciation of the sport with the following entries as of September 2021:

Content & Scale

There are currently 35,596 different entries that have been edited 570,939 times and viewed 30,575,647 times as of September 2021.


  • Interested individuals can

(1) learn the most commonly used terms, definitions, words, places and things used in the world of open water swimming
(2) add and modify information on the Who's Who of open water swimming and up-and-comers, including themselves
(3) research who are the professional marathon swimmers of modern times and who was in the sport back in previous centuries
(4) add the names of people who join the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming, the Half Century Clubs, the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame and those who crossed the English Channel and the Catalina Channel
(5) learn the details of the thousands of open water races, events, camps and clinics around the world


Conceived, created and currently managed by Steven Munatones of the World Open Water Swimming Association in 2009.

How to Add information

Swimmers, triathletes, coaches, pilots, officials, referees, paddlers, kayakers, pilots, lifeguards, writers, journalists, doctors and volunteers can add themselves to Openwaterpedia as well as events, products, places, services, records and groups.

Click HERE to access the template for you to add your open water events.

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