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Omar El Galla

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Omar El Galla of Triathlon Egypt

Omar El Galla (or Omar Khaled Hassan Ahmed or عمر خالد حسن أحمد or عمر الجلاعمر الجلا) (born 13 March 1988 in Cairo, Egypt) is a 31-year-old Egyptian extreme athlete who is also an open water swimmer, long distance cyclist, ultra marathon runner.

Triathlon Egypt

Triathlon Egypt is his attempt to complete a cycle across Egypt where he covered 6,500 km in 65 days. He ran 1,500 km along the Nile River from Abu Simbel to Alexandria in 36 days. He will attempt a solo stage swim the length of Egypt beginning on 1 September 2019 that will take approximately 90 days.

Swim The Length Of Egypt

As part of Triathlon Egypt, he is planning an attempt of the first assisted stage swim of the entire length of Egypt along the Red Sea coast from the city of Suez to the city of Shalateen. The distance is 900 km. He will wear a wetsuit and climb aboard a support boat between the stage swims to rest and refuel that is estimated to take a total of 90 days. He will be supported by Nabil Rostom.

Gulf of Aqaba Stage Swim

In December 2029, he swam 220 km along the length of the Gulf of Aqaba along the Sinai Peninsula in an assisted stage swim from the north at Taba to the south at Ras Mohamed in 34 days (with 26 swimming days and 8 days off due to the logistical challenges and preparations needed to pass some areas. He was supported by Nabil Rostom.


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