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Observer Report

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noun - Observer Report is an official documentation issued and accepted by a governing body or association responsible for a marathon swim or channel swim or relay that describes in detail the parameters and activities of solo marathon swims, crossings, and open water swimming relays. The Observer Report is prepared by an official Observer designated by the governing body or association and confirms that the open water swimmer or swimmers on an open water swimming relay adhere to the rules and regulations of the governing organization and any deviations from those accepted rules and regulations.

The Observer filled out the Observer Report in the boat on the way back to the harbor.

Marathon Swimmers Federation[edit]

Evan Morrison, one of the co-founders of the Marathon Swimmers Federation, set the standard of reporting on marathon swims with his Morrison Report that served as the official Observer's Log for Craig Lenning's swim from the Farallon Islands to Muir Beach on the California mainland on 8 April 2014. The Morrison Report is posted [here].


swim log, observer's log, observer's report, log, report, swim record

Observer Reports from around the world[edit]

Each of these organisations has its own Observer Report:

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