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Mexican American Unity Swim

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Phil Cutti, Matthew Davie, Vito Bialla, Nora Toledano, Patty Kohlman and Edna Llorens before the Mexican American Unity Swim in Lake Powell in 55 hours 20 minutes in September 2010

The Mexican American Unity Swim in Lake Powell between the Arizona and Utah borders in the United States set the record for the longest non-stop open water swimming relay conducted in a lake set in 2010. The team consisted of three American men and three Mexican women who swam 108 nautical miles (200 km) in a time of 55 hours 20 minutes 25 seconds.

The Team[edit]

  • Patty Kohlman: participated in two Olympic Games: Los Angeles in 1984 (18th place in 100 free), Seoul in 1988 (23rd place in 100 free). Kohlman is the first Mexican woman to swim under 27 seconds in 50 free and is a member of the Sport City Elite Team.
  • Edna Llorens: Master swimmer, International medalist and open water Swimmer. Nov 1, 2009 easily won her age group in the 3k by 3 minutes. Just a few swims she’s completed: Relay (21km), Por Ellas... El Mar de Cortés, Relay (45km), Por Ellas...Cozumel-Cancún, Q.ROO, Relay, (80km). Her swimming career, world and open water events POR ELLAS...Health, Cáncer awareness and sport education, span the globe.
  • Nora Toledano: Inducted into the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame in 2007. Nora was the 1st and only Mexican and 1st Latin American woman and sixth person in the world to complete a double-crossing of the English Channel. She crossed the English Channel six times individually and 5 times on a relay. She’s co-author with Antonio Argüelles of At Every Stroke: the Endless Blue. She was nominated in ‘94, ’97, ’05 and ‘07 to receive the National Sports Award in Mexico.
  • Vito Bialla: Team Captain who has completed multiple Ultra’s including Badwater, Ultraman, Ironman and is still the only person ever to complete a six-day back-to-back Ultraman in 63 hours. He is an English Channel relay team winner in 2008 and a proud member of Night Train Swimmers.
  • Matthew Davie: open water swimmer with Night Train Swimmers since the inaugural English Channel relay in 2008. He has completed several Ironman triathlons, an ultra run, and numerous ultra open water swims, including a crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar in 2009. He resides in San Francisco and runs digital publishing for a social gaming company.
  • Phil Cutti: ultra-endurance athlete and exercise physiologist specializing in thermoregulation and fuel utilization. He has completed numerous endurance events in running, cycling, triathlon, and open water swimming. In his spare time, Phil strives for brewing the perfect pint of beer.


Bring Mexican American community together in the midst of increasingly bad relations between the USA and Mexico.


1. Set a new Lake World Relay Swim Record exceeding 75 nautical miles.
2. Raise money for Por Ellas and Wounded Warrior Project, Mexican and American charities.
3. Demonstrate to the world the real positive relationship between our cultures, not the anger you see portrayed in the media.
4. Show what can be accomplished together, Mexico and United States - ONE team, ONE world record, ONE unity.

Swimming has liberated women, inspired mankind and even brought countries together. This event can have a positive influence in Mexican US relations, as well as raise money for both of our charities.



The relay was observed and certified by Steven Munatones of the World Open Water Swimming Association.

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