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Margaret Hauser

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Margaret Hauser was an American open water swimmer from Long Beach, California.

Open Water Swimming Highlights

  • On 15-16 January 1927, she swam nearly 19 hours 26 minutes in the Wrigley Ocean Marathon Swim, a professional channel race sponsored by William Wrigley, Jr. who owned the Santa Catalina Island Company in order to promote Catalina Channel. The swim offered a cash prize of US$25,000 to the winner between Catalina Island and Point Vicente on the Southern Californian mainland.
  • Hauser and Martha Stager of Portland, Oregon, were awarded prize money of US$2,500, despite not completing the race. Only a mile from the finish line, Hauser was pulled from the water by her husband/trainer after 19 hours 26 minutes, making her the contestant who lasted the longest.