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Main Beach

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Main Beach in Laguna Beach, California

Main Beach is the largest and most popular stretch of beach in the city of Laguna Beach, Califonria. It is located in the middle of the town where Broadway and Ocean Avenues intersect Coast Highway. The best known landmark on this beach is the white lifeguard tower located in the middle of the beach.

Main beach is mostly sand bottom (rocky at the northern end near Bird Rock) with shorebreak type surf which makes it very popular with swimmers, bodyboarders, body surfers and open water swimmers. Surfing is not permitted on Main Beach during the summer months. The surf can be large and dangerous with numerous rip currents and heavy shore break waves.

Popular activities include basketball (there are two courts at the north end), volleyball (there are several courts on the beach) and other sand activities. There is a boardwalk that runs the length of the beach so it is a nice place to take a walk or people watch. Shower and restroom facilities are provided on both ends of the beach. Since it is in the middle of the town, it is a short walk from the beach to the numerous restaurant and shopping areas that are downtown.

The taking or collecting of rocks, shells, or marine life is prohibited. Fishing is not allowed at this beach.

Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is a seaside resort city and artist community located in southern Orange County, California, United States with miles of great coastal swimming locations. It is the training site of the Oak Streeters (aka Oak Streakers) who do their weekend ocean workouts and annual 100 x 100s off of Main Beach.


Climate and Geography

Main Beach has a warm Mediterranean climate with abundant sunshine all year. Daytime temperature averages range from 67°F in January to 79°F in July. Mean annual precipitation is relatively low. Water temperatures are some of the warmest on the southern California coast and range from about 60°F in February to 72°F in August; however in early to mid September water temperatures often range from 73°F-75°F.

It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the southwest, Crystal Cove State Park on the northwest, Laguna Woods on the northeast, Aliso Viejo and Laguna Niguel on the east, and Dana Point on the southeast.

The land in and around Main Beach rises quickly from the shoreline into the hills and canyons of the San Joaquin Hills. Because of its hilly topography and surrounding parklands, there are few roads into or out of town; only the Coast Highway connecting to Newport Beach to the northwest and to Dana Point to the south, and State Route 133 crossing the hills in a northeastern direction through Laguna Canyon.

In 1979, Laguna Beach was described as "a paradise, an inexhaustible source of inspiration" by artist Marco Sassone, one of the many artists who made the "idyllic" town home since the 1920s. In the early history of Laguna Beach, many artists and counterculture activists moved from nearby Los Angeles and settled in the charming cottages along the Laguna hillsides. Today few artists remain, as the town is one of the wealthiest places in North America. Most artists in the community now live in Laguna Canyon.


Laguna Beach has long embraced the environmentalist movement. In February 2007, its city council unanimously voted to join the U.S. Mayors Climate Initiative.

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