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Mad Adam

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Adam Walker in Tunisia at an ouma event organized by Nejib Belhedi

Mad Adam is the nickname of channel swimmer and open water swimming coach Adam Walker.

Adam Walker

Adam Walker is a leading British open water swimmer who is also one of the leading adventurers in the Oceans Seven challenge, having completed 5 of the 7 channels as of 2012.

Marathon Swimming Career

Walker has successfully completed the English Channel (solo in 2008 and relays in 2007 and 2008), the Molokai Channel (21 June 2012), a two-way crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar (in 9 hours 41 minutes, together with Chris Sheppard, the Catalina Channel (on 16 October 2012 in 12 hours 15 minutes), and the Tsugaru Channel on 12 August 2013 in 15 hours 31 minutes.

Walker and Sheppard were the first British swimmers to complete a two-way crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar and set a British record on their first leg to Morocco.

Walker completed his charity swim on 21 June 2012 despite being hit by box jellyfish. His effort was performed on behalf of Sportsaid and the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society. Walker was the first British swimmer to attempt and complete the 26-mile crossing across the Molokai Channel in 16 hours 59 minutes.


He also participated in the international Swim of Peace Ouma - Djerba in Tunisia on 2 June 2013, organized by Nejib Belhedi.

Aquatic Career Highlights

Strait of Gibraltar Impressions

"It was the hardest swim I had ever done, including the English Channel, due to the speed they had to swim to overcome the strong tides which potentially were taking them out to sea and the time limit before the pilot would pull the swim due to the local shipping rules in the Straits which forbade swimming at night."

Strait of Gibraltar Crew

Melanie Sheppard, Emily Walker, Angela Hopkins, Anne Sheppard, Peter Walker, Margaret Walker, Gareth Hughes, and Antonio (Pilot), Fernando (Zodiac driver) and Rafael (President of the ACNEG).

Strait of Gibraltar Sponsors

ZOGGS swimwear, Everyone Active (Lammas Leisure Centre), Clem and Margaret Turner, Colin Slaven, Teressa Dixon, Dave and Sharon Young.

Purpose for Molokai Channel Swim

There is no humane way to kill a whale at sea. The hunting process can never be an exact exercise - whales are a moving target, shot at from a moving vessel which sits on a moving sea. Grenade harpoons are often used to kill whales forcing them to be subjected to a long, slow and painful death. They are often killed under the guise of conducting scientific research, a practice backed by many governments.

Molokai Channel Video

Tsugaru Channel Video

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