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Leanne LaFave

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Leanne A LaFave, a physical education teacher at Holly Tree Elementary School is an open water swimmer who completed an unprecedented 10-mile swim from Carolina Beach to Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, U.S.A. in a world record time of 5 hours 9 minutes.

The water was choppier than her practice swims in the area leading up to the event. But the wind was howling in the direction of her swim. "I felt as though the chop was throwing me forward, like the waves were clapping for me the whole way."

Her swim was a fundraiser for ZOE Ministry, an organization dedicated to empowering orphans in Africa. "When I swam up to the Dockside Restaurant, I could not believe the noise of the crowd. It was truly an incredible experience to see the joy in everyone's faces. It was quite a spiritual experience for me. In this economy, we ended up raising over US$25,000 - and I'm still depositing twenty dollar bills to this day. That's how great this event was around here."