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Lake Tahoe Swimming Society

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noun - The Lake Tahoe Swimming Society (LTSS) is an open water swimming governing body that was founded by Jamie Patrick, Karen Rogers, Brian Patterson, Garrett Harley and Rob Laurie to govern marathon swims in Lake Tahoe. The goal of the Lake Tahoe Swimming Society is to provide information with the purpose of aiding those who are interested or are already enjoy open water swimming in Lake Tahoe, preserving history, creating community, and promoting conservation.

It provides a body of information to help people swim across or in Lake Tahoe and a number of helpful links.

Swimmers who complete a crossing of Lake Tahoe, either under traditional marathon swimming rules (i.e., wearing no wetsuit or neoprene cap or aided by any equipment that helps retain heat or improve buoyancy or propulsion) or by adventure swimming rules, receive a LTSS Belt Buckle.

The accepted lengthwise marathon swim length across Lake Tahoe is 21.25 miles (34.1 km).

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