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Kobayashi Shinobu

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Tamaru Atsuko is a member of Team Ocean-navi and a Japanese open water swimmer who is a member of Team Ocean-navi.

Team Ocean-navi[edit]

Team Ocean-navi is coached by Masayuki Moriya of Ocean-navi that set a world wetsuit relay record for its crossing of the Tsugaru Channel from Kodomari Cape on Honshu to Shirakami Misaki on Hokkaido, Japan on 11 July 2013 in 6 hours 44 minutes.

Team Ocean-navi #1 is a 6-person relay with Takahashi Yuri (高橋ゆり), Takahashi Yuichi (高橋雄一), Kobayashi Noriko (小林範子), Kobayashi Shinobu (小林忍), Miyazaki Kyoko (宮崎京子), and Tamaru Atsuko (田丸厚子).

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