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Khoo Swee Chiow

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Khoo Swee Chiow (born 16 November 1964 in Port Dickson, Malaysia) is a Singaporean adventurer, open water swimmer, author and motivational speaker. Khoo is the first South East Asian and the fourth person in the world to complete The Explorers Grand Slam (South Pole + North Pole + Seven Summits).


  • 1998: Khoo climbed Mount Everest as a member of Singapore's first Mount Everest expedition.
  • 1999: He skied to the South Pole as the leader of Singapore first Antarctica expedition, covering a distance of 1,125 km in 57 days.
  • 2001: He climbed Mount Ararat in Turkey together with six other Everest summitters from Turkey, Colombia, the United States and Mexico as part of a Peace Climb project to raise funds and promote international friendship.
  • 2001: He climbed Shishapangma in Tibet becoming the first South East Asian to climb an 8,000-metre peak without supplemental oxygen.
  • 2002: He skied to the North Pole with Arctic guide Paul Landry and a dog named Apu, after failing the previous year due to frostbite on a finger.
  • 2003: He lost his bid to sail around the world as his expedition was canceled due to lack of funding during the SARS outbreak and Iraq War period.
  • 2003: He cycled from Singapore to Beijing in 73 days covering 8,066 km.
  • 2004: Khoo attempted to climb Mount Everest without oxygen but had to turn back 400 metres below the summit due to exhaustion.
  • 2004: On 5 December 2004, he successfully swam the Straits of Malacca from Tanjung Rupat in Indonesia to Port Dickson, in 21 hours 53 minutes over 38 km. He had been inspired to perform this feat at the age of six, after watching a Japanese man who was the first man to ever swim across the straits, starting his swim in front of his house.
  • 2005: His attempt at swimming the English Channel was unsuccessful due to hypothermia.
  • 2005: Khoo broke the world record for the longest scuba dive done in a controlled environment, in this case in a tank. He stayed in the mineral-water-filled tank at Tampines Central for 220 hours, breaking the record by 7 hours and 30 minutes, surpassing British diver Michael Steven's 1986 record.
  • 2006: Together with Malaysian CEO Vincent Loh, age 51, Khoo reached the summit of Mount Everest for a second time, making him the only South East Asian to summit Mt Everest twice.
  • 2008: Khoo completed the World's Longest Journey on Inline Skates by skating from Hanoi, Vietnam to Singapore, a total of 6,088 km in 94 days.


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