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Ken DeMont

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Ken DeMont began swimming at the age of 5 and was lucky enough to have Olympic Gold Medalist and Sullivan award winner Ann Curtis as his first coach. Ann stressed the importance of good technique that is still the basis of Ken's philosophy today. In high school, Ken was a High School All American while swimming at Marin Aquatic Club, a national power in the early to mid 1970's. The team was coached by Don Swartz, an innovator in training principles. Don is currently Ken's partner at North Bay Aquatics. After high school, Ken attended the University of Arizona, where he was a 4-year All American swimming under the tutelage of Bob Davis and then Dick Jochums. Both coaches had trained Olympic medalists and many of their philosophies are still part of Ken's training methods.

After retiring from swimming, Ken jumped into coaching at the rec league level, where he coached the Tiburon Peninsula Club in Northern California. In the 14 years of leading that team, the TPC was league champions every season. Ken also ran a very successful lesson program, teaching young kids the principles of stroke technique he learned from Ann Curtis. Since then Ken has taken on swimming at the US Swimming level, first forming an age group team and more recently venturing into senior swimming. His team, North Bay Aquatics has recently had its first qualifiers at the national level with the promise of more to come. Ken has also run a successful Masters program for over 20 years, working with Tri-athletes and open water swimmers as well as pool swimmers. Ken is a father of two very successful swimmers in their own right.

ASCA Hall of Fame Introduction

by Rick and Ken DeMont

Don Swartz's Acceptance Speech

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