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Karen Throsby

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Dr. Karen Throsby completing the 2013 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim to achieve the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming

Karen Throsby, Ph.D. is on the faculty in the Department of Sociology in the University of Warwick in England. Throsby researches issues relating to gender, technology and the body. Her PhD research was on people's experiences of IVF failure, and she is the author of When IVF Fails: Feminism, Infertility and the Negotiation of Normality (Palgrave, 2004). She is currently writing a book on people's experiences of obesity surgery, and is working on an ESRC-funded research project on long distance open water swimmers. Karen convenes the third year module, Technologies of the Gendered Body, and co-convenes the second year module, Transformations. She also teaches on the MA module, Feminist Epistemologies in Action. She is also supervises PhD's in the areas of gender, technology and the body.

She completed the circumnavigation around Manhattan Island in the 2013 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim on 24 August 2013 where she swam her age in 8 hours 41 minutes during this quiet swim to achieve the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming.

Open Water Swimming Career[edit]

Throsby has completed the following swims:

Selected Publications[edit]

  • Throsby, K. and Roberts, C.(2010) 'Getting bigger: children's bodies, genes and environments' in Nature after the genome, Editors: Parry, S. and Dupré, J. (9781444333961), Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell
  • Throsby, K.(2010) Doing what comes naturally...' Negotiating normality in accounts of IVF-failure' in Governing the female body: gender, health, and networks of power, 233 - 252, Editors: Reed, L. and Saukko, P. (9781438429533), Albany, N.Y.: State University of New York Press
  • Throsby, K. and Gimlin, D.(2009) 'Critiquing thinness and wanting to be thin' in Secrecy and silence in the research process: feminist reflections, Editors: Ryan-Flood, R. and Gill, R. (9780415452144), Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY: Routledge
  • Throsby, K.(2009) 'The war on obesity as a moral project: weight loss drugs, obesity surgery and negotiating failure' Science As Culture 18 (2), 201 - 216 (0950-5431)
  • Throsby, K.(2009) There's something in my brain that doesn't work properly': Weight loss surgery and the medicalisation of obesity' in Critical feminist approaches to eating dis/orders, 185 - 195, Editors: Malson, H. and Burns, M. (9780415418119), London ; New York: Routledge

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