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Jim Alabiso

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Jim Alabiso, Lake Tahoe (Photo by Peggi Neill Karnes)
To The Sea by Jim Alabiso
To The Sea, a play inspired by Jim Alabiso

Jim Alabiso (born 1 June) is the director of the Swim Across the St. Johns project and Up the River Downtown Swim and serves as the owner of Jumping Fish. Alabiso is an active open water swimmer living in Jacksonville, Florida competing in venues in Florida and California. He is a certified lifeguard, Scuba Diver and a member of USA Swimming, U.S. Masters Swimming, and the Duval Ocean Swimmers. His work in the open water inspired the play To The Sea that opened in Jacksonville, Florida in October 2015.

Jumping Fish[edit]

Jumping Fish provides Life, Career, Fitness, Nutrition and Sport Specific coaching.

Alabiso is an advocate for the St. Johns River in Northeast Florida and believes in sound environmental decisions for the river. Environmental decisions are made by the government, corporations and each of us as individuals. In this spirit, Alabiso created the Swim Across the St. Johns Project.

The St. Johns Riverkeeper mission is to work on behalf of the community for clean and healthy waters in the St. Johns River, its tributaries and its wetlands, through citizen-based advocacy. Learn more here - St.Johns Riverkeeper Website

SASJ provides a vehicle for awareness and a platform for the St. Johns Riverkeeper to air the pressing issues. Learn more here - Swim Across the St. Johns River

Arriving soon at Riverside Arts Market soon on June 9th...

Up the River 2012
A 12 Mile Swim in Celebration of the St. Johns
Healthy River. Healthy People.


Alabiso currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida. He is the proud father of Alex, Sam, Ken and James Alabiso. He attempted a solo single marathon crossing of Lake Tahoe under the governance of the Lake Tahoe Swimming Society in the summer 2012.


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