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Dale Robinson, Susan Simmons and Jill Yoneda after the completion of the pioneering Great Bear Swim, a 50 km stage swim in British Columbia, Canada

Jill Yoneda is a 42-year-old freediver and an open water swimmer from British Columbia, Canada. She completed the 50 km Great Bear Swim together with Susan Simmons and Dale Robinson from Ocean Falls to Bella Bella, Canada on 12-13 July 2016 and will attempt a wetsuit swim across the Strait of Juan de Fuca in August 2017.

Great Bear Swim

Robinson, Simmons and Yoneda started from the Ocean Falls Aquatic Centre in Ocean Falls, British Columbia, Canada and swam down Cousins Inlet to Fisher Channel. Once they reach Stoney Island, at the halfway mark, the swimmers exited the water and spent the remainder of the day and the night on this small island at the halfway point. On 13 July, they entered the waters of Fisher Channel and swam toward Gunboat Passage. They passed Shearwater and headed across Lama Channel to Bella Bella.

Great Bear Swim Video

with Dale Robinson, Susan Simmons, Jill Yoneda

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