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Ioannis Kifonidis

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Ioannis Kifonidis is an open water swimmer from Thessaloniki, Greece

Ioannis Kifonidis is an open water swimmer from Thessaloniki, Greece. His coach is Nikolaos Repanas and he trains in the Kalamaria Swimming Pool. He is a member and general secretary of the Helenique Marathon Swimming Club.

Open Water Swimming Career

Endurance Sports Career

  • He completed the 2017 42 km International Thessaloniki Marathon Road Race
  • He completed the 2015 Aquathlon Peramia Race in Peramos, Greece (1 km run, 800m swimming, 5 km run)

Professional Career

  • He works as a professional actor, director, writer in Greek Theatre, Cinema and Television
  • He worked as an anchor man (journalist and host) in the National Greek Broadcast (ERT3)
  • He took part as a member of the Swim or Die open water team in the Lifeguards:Swim or Die art project in Thessaloniki Concert Hall directed by himself and choreographed by coach Nikolaos Repanas.
  • He wrote the screenplay for the motion picture A Swim Across, directed by Dimitris Giouzepas.

Swim or Die

Lifeguards: Swim or Die is the experimental shooting-editing of the theatrical performance dress rehearsal. The performance was shown at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall (Thessaloniki Megaron) in May 2016. It's a blend of narration, live piano music (original scores), live cinema under the natural light and swimming exercises and moves in an artistic way (chorus theatre). It is based on the naval short story "Lifeguards" written by the great Skiathos-born author Alexandros Papadiamantis.

Adaptation: Konstantinos Rodis, Ioannis Kifonidis
Director: Ioannis Kifonidis
Original Score Composer-Piano Soloist: Athena Nannou
Swimming Coach-Choreographer: Nikolas Repanas
Lights Design - Stage Curator: Fashion art Lover
Costumes Curator: Swim or Die
Directing Production: Xristina Tzortzi
Executive Producer: Giannis Papathanasiou, Dominus
Trailer, Poster, Photos: Dimitris Giouzepas
Dress Rehearsal Shooting & Editing: Dimitris Giouzepas
Narrator: Athena Nannou
Lifeguards: Swim or Die Team: (Maria Argyriou, Vivian Diavatis, Despina Ioannidis, Magda Konstantinidis, Danae Menexiadis, Helena Papadopoulos, Anthoula Papargyriou, Evelyn Sanidas, Katerina Sidiropoulos, Nefeli Tsagalidis , Ioanna Tsiaras, Anna Zabetoglou, Magdalini Zabetoglou, Kostas Benakis, Vasilis Gitsidis, Stefanos Karavasilis, Ioannis Kifonidis, Chris Kokkinos, Christos Pazolidis, George Samaras, Konstantinos Samaras, Lambros Stefou, Alexandros Stergiou, Kostas Zabetoglou

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