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Alan Gleeson swimming an Ice Mile in Limerick, Ireland to become an Iron Iceman

noun - An Iron Iceman is a male ice swimming triathlete who has completed both an Ice Mile and a full Ironman triathlon.

Iron Iceman Members

Pádraig Mallon of Ireland is the first confirmed Iron Ice Man in human history, completing both an Ice Mile and full Ironman Triathlon.

Iron Icewomen

Iron Icemen

Ice Mile

An Ice Mile is an officially recognized non-wetsuit ice swim of one statute mile in distance by a solo individual held in water 5ºC (41ºF) or less under the auspices of the International Ice Swimming Association without the benefit of use of a neoprene cap or any other aid other than a swimsuit, swim cap, and ear plugs.

Ironman Triathlon

An Ironman or an Ironman triathlon is a certified multi-sport event involving the completion of three continuous and sequential endurance events. According to the International Triathlon Union and USA Triathlon, the distances are a 3.8 km swim, 180 km ride, and a 42.2 km marathon run.

Self-designed or unofficial triathlons do not count for the Iron Iceman or Iron Icewoman designation because it would be impossible to authenticate the achievement.


An Iron Iceman is an individual who has completed both an Ice Mile and a full Ironman triathlon.


First coined by Steven Munatones in 2014.


Ice Ironwoman (now defunct), Ice Ironhuman (now defunct), Iron Icewoman

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