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Harvey Welch

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Harvy Welch Jr. is an American swimmer who was recognized for Service to City of Carbondale (Illinois, USA) Fire and Police Commission for his service on the City of Carbondale Fire and Police Commission. Welch was originally appointed as a Commissioner on 10 July 1978 and is currently the President of the Board. He received a Blue Mind award from Dr. Wallace J. Nichols at the third Blue Mind Summit.


In recognition of your 35 years of dedicated service on the Carbondale Board of Fire and Police Commissioners as a Commissioner and as President. As a compassionate humanitarian whose life has been dedicated to the pursuit of justice and equality, your display of genuine concern for the citizens of Carbondale by selecting only the finest police officer candidates, has had a towering impact on the law enforcement profession in our community. The Men and Women of the Carbondale Police Department are sincerely and forever grateful for your friendship and your continuing distinguished service."

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