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Flat Island (Hawaii)

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Flat Island (Popoia Island) lives up to its name as a horizontally-oriented offshore island. The four-acre Flat Island is located about one-fourth mile from Kailua Beach Park. Kailua Beach Park is the perfect place to enjoy ocean activities like ocean swimming, fishing, sailing, windsurfing, snorkeling and kiteboarding.


Popoia or Flat Island once featured a Hawaiian fishing shrine where Hawaiians would offer fish meat to bring in good luck in fishing. The shrine, however, is no longer there. It is a State Seabird Sanctuary where several sinkholes are used by the wedge-tailed shearwater seabirds. In 2000, an estimated 3,000 seabirds were living on the island. The very first recorded survey of seabird populations was made in 1915.

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