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Fisherman's Cove

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Fisherman's Cove is the traditional starting, finishing or turn of the Farallon Islands Swimming Association-sanctioned solo swims and relays on the South Farallon Island.

Two-way Farallon Relay[edit]

The two-way Farallon relay is a 6-person 60-mile (95.6 km) relay from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Farallon Islands in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of San Francisco Bay, scheduled for April 2015. They plan to turn around at the buoy located at Fisherman's Cove at the South Farallon Island. Its members include Emily Kreger, Patti Bauernfeind, Simon Dominguez, Kim Chambers, Ashley Horne, Dave Holscher and back-up swimmers Kate Webber and Vito Bialla.

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