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Emma-Kate Lidbury

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E.K. or Emma-Kate Lidbury (born 19 February 1980) is a 40-year-old female British professional triathlete who currently resides in Boulder, Colorado. She previously lived in Los Angeles, California. She began training for triathlons in 2005 and decided to devote her full-time to the sport in the fall of 2008. In 2013, she had two 1st place finishes, one at Ironman 70.3 Texas and the other at Ironman 70.3 Kansas. Lidbury finished 8th in the 2011 70.3 World Championship.

Triathlon Swimming[edit]

She wrote Triathlon Swimming: Master Open-Water Swimming with the Tower 26 Method with Gerry Rodrigues based on the Tower 26 method. The book reveals the rewarding and rigorous Tower 26 program for mastering open-water swimming by the world’s leading open-water swimming coach Gerry Rodrigues and Lidbury. In Triathlon Swimming, Rodrigues and Lidbury break down open-water swimming technique and show how triathlon swimming requires different form. From kicking to sighting, Triathlon Swimming describes the best technique for swimming in open water. This guide shares the best gear for open-water swimming, shows how to create your own effective open-water swim workouts, and shares a plan for race prep and taper. Tower 26 offers the best open-water swimming technique. With Rodrigues’ coaching approach and Lidbury’s first-hand experience and insight,

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