Derek Stewart

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Derek Stewart is a Scottish triathlete and open water swimmer from Strathaven, South Lanarkshire who has done a number of Ironman triathlons. He is the creator of Mission Ironman. He is a serial entrepreneur; Owner & Managing Director of Strategic Asset Managers Ltd, Founding Partner of The Silent Partner and creator of The Gathering.


For 14 years, Stewart has advised major companies in the financial services sector on their strategy, market penetration and getting the most from their people. He is a keynote speaker at conferences in the UK and Europe and is revered for his inspirational speaking style which audiences can relate to.


Stewart turned 50 in 2011, is married and has three children. He wasn’t an athlete but wanted to give something back to the community and raise money for a worthwhile charity. He discovered triathlon at the age of 46 but could only swim 40 metres and after cycling 10 miles he need help to get off his borrowed bike. After 3 months he finished a short distance triathlon and within 2 years had completed the ultimate triathlon to achieve Ironman status.

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