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Daren Wendell

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Daren Wendell

Daren Wendell swam 50.6 miles across Lake Michigan from Grand Beach, Michigan to Navy Pier in Chicago to raise awareness of the world wide water crisis. His swim was a charity effort on behalf of Active Water. Wendell was in the water 36 hours, swimming at around 1.5 miles/hour until that last 6-8 miles where he started to have significant issues. He raised almost US$14,000 for clean, accessible water in Zambia.

Active Water[edit]

In order to win the battle against infectious diseases that plague the developing world, Active Water informs individuals and groups of the greatest challenge our world faces, the need for safe drinking water.

Active Water cultivates a greater understanding of how lacking accessible clean water threatens the very core of individuals, leading not only to the demise of their health, but also exhausting their time, energy, and financial potential. Active Water fulfills its mission by creating a vocal platform built from athletic quests that attract overwhelming interest and media exposure. It then converts that attention into inspiring and equipping others to give of their resources, commitment, and voice to bring clean water projects to wherever needed.