Danish Open Water Swimming Association

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DOWSA in Denmark

noun - The Danish Open Water Swimming Association (DOWSA) is a Danish association that promotes the sport of open water swimming and the community that swims in open water. The Danish Open Water Swimming Association was established by Hans Henrik H. Heming, Jesper Damgaard and Christian Damgaard on 14 March 2014 near Copenhagen, Denmark.

Danish Open Water Swimming Association - er en dansk forening som ønsker at fremme sporten og fællesskabet ved "svømning i åbent vand".

DOWSA Mission

It is the mission of DOWSA to organize the community around swimming in open bodies of water in Denmark for the benefit of all practitioners and stakeholders.

DOWSA organizes open water swimming training courses, lectures, events, documenting solo swims and records, etc. DOWSA serves to raise awareness of the joy and knowledge of the sport . DOWSA aims to be the gathering point and meeting place for those who cultivate open water swimming in Denmark.

DOWSA also pays tribute to open water swimmers who, through their work and achievements, produce results and help to develop the sport.


Its members help to identify swimming locations in Danish waters by sharing their experiences with distance swimming, crossing different open bodies of water, and swimming in different surroundings as part of the DOWSA community. This community effort forms the DOWSA framework to share awareness of open water swimming in Denmark .

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