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DRAG+FLY is a swimming training product created by Dr. Peter Bell Ed D, MBA, B Bus. The patented product was originally developed by his father for open water surf swimmers more than 30 years ago in Australia. It is used by pool swimmers, open water swimmers, triathletes and water polo players. The device is also used by physiotherapists for injury rehabilitation and football players for water recovery sessions following hard games or heavy training sessions.

Former world champion Brendan Capell and two-time Olympian Ky Hurst have had their DRAG+FLY for more than 8 months and their feedback has been outstanding.

The design of the device is such that it will cut training time by increasing the level of intensity that the athlete is exposed to. Endurance and sprint athletes competing in Ironman, triathlon and other endurance sports benefit directly from the DRAG+FLY Elite. The design of the device is such that the harder you swim the more resistance it produces.

The DRAG+FLY Elite is patented in 143 countries and has been nominated for a 2012 Australia - International Design Award. Michael Foster is the Director of the North American, United Kingdom and European Union divisions.


DRAG+FLY is a patented, innovative, mobile swim resistance training device that is designed to improve a swimmers power and technique in the water. The training device makes the swimmer work harder while maintaining a natural stroke. The innovative cone design provides a varied level of resistance by opening and closing the aperture. It can be used in a pool or in the surf and is being used to prepare and hone athletes for the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Key Features

Innovation - Swim Resistance Training to Improve Power and Technique

DRAG+FLY provides a swimmer with to 2 key performance enhancements - increased power and improved technique. The device makes the user hold their stroke harder and longer, engaging core muscle groups throughout the whole stroke. Increased resistance augments inefficient swimming technique. The heightened sense of awareness forces the swimmer to improve their stroke.

Human Factors - Designed for maximum effect with maximum impact

DRAG+FLY has been designed with a high degree of consideration for usability and ease-of-integration. The cone is designed to enable progressive resistance loading. This is achieved with easily adjusted zippers which control the level of resistance enabling varied workouts and training activities. The hydrodynamic properties of the cone ensure the swimmers position in the water is unaffected (hips don't drop). The waist-belt is designed to fit all users and is very comfortable in water. The towline is designed to float and remain untangled during tumble-turns. The towline cover was selected and tested to be comfortable on impact with the body.

Design Efficiency - Making a niche product viable in business

DRAG+FLY has great mass-market opportunity as a useful training device for anyone who enjoys swimming. The product is lightweight, compact, fits everyone, and dries fast. It has been developed for elite athletes requiring a very robust, efficient design that can be manufactured and marketed effectively at low-medium volumes. Packaging is functional as a storage solution after purchase. Every part of the product is necessary and designed to maximise performance as well as manufacturing efficiency.

Materials - High quality, durable materials suitable for harsh environments

DRAG+FLY has been built to last. All materials selected for the construction are marine grade with high levels of resistance to chlorine. The cone is constructed from sail-making fabric designed to maintain its shape and provide maximum resistance while improving hydrodynamic properties. Nylon zippers and stitching ensure that the product will not degrade easily even after prolonged use in a chlorine pool.

Branding - The name says it all

The DRAG+FLY brand was conceived to promote and propel the product into the market with maximum impact. The strong use of colour enables great visibility from the pool side while been instantly recognisable in the market place. The quirky name embodies the purpose of the device - work hard and swim fast! Fitter... Stronger... Faster...

USA Distribution

All American Swim Supply, headed by Keith Haden, is the exclusive distributor of the DRAG+FLY.


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