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Cumulative Cold Index

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noun - Cumulative Cold Index is a cold water swimming measure of water temperature in Celsius and distance in kilometers.


Steven Munatones coined the term in April 2021.


Ger Kennedy met the Cumulative Cold Index when he swam 10 kilometers in sub-10°C water.

Cumulative Cold Index[edit]

  • sub-10°C water for a 10 km swim
  • sub-9°C water for a 9 km swim
  • sub-8°C water for a 8 km swim
  • sub-7°C water for a 7 km swim
  • sub-6°C water for a 6 km swim
  • sub-5°C water for a 5 km swim
  • sub-4°C water for a 4 km swim
  • sub-3°C water for a 3 km swim
  • sub-2°C water for a 2 km swim
  • sub-1°C water for a 1 km swim

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