Crosóige Mara

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The team's logo.

Crosóige Mara (English: Starfish) is the name of an English Channel two-way relay team made up of the Irish swimmers Carol Cashell, Owen O'Keefe, Caitlin Desmond, Maeve Ryan, Lynne Lynch and Eoin O'Riordan.

They completed their two-way crossing of the English Channel under the escort of Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation pilot, Mike Oram, on 13 July 2013. The first leg took the team 10:18:59 exactly, which is just one second fast than team member Owen O'Keefe's solo swim time for the same crossing, and the second leg took 10:10:01 exactly. The total time of 20:29:00 was a new Irish 2-way relay record by over 40 minutes.

Through the swim, the team raised €13,250 for the Down Syndrome Ireland charity and advocacy group.

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