Cristina Scotto

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Cristina Scotto is an Italian open water swimmer who holds the female record for the Aeolian Islands to Sicily - Fastest 21K Female Crossing, a swim she has completed twice. She set the record of 5 hours 37 minutes 2 seconds by swimming 21 km from Vulcano in the Aeolian Islands to Capo Calavà in Sicily, Italy.

She has also successfully tried many more routes from the Aeolian Islands to Sicily, including Lipari-Milazzo (31 km in 1994), Vulcano-Capo D'Orlando (31 km in 1991) and Salina-Capo d'Orlando (42 km in 1992), currently being the individual who has completed the highest number of swims from the Aeolians to the Sicilian shores.

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