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Christa van Beers

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Christa Hesterman-van Beers is the Secretary and one of the co-founders of International Ice Swimming Association Netherlands. She is a former Dutch open water swimmer and the ice swimming coach of Fergil Hesterman and the team manager of 7 athletes at the IISA Netherlands at the 2019 IISA World Championships in Murmansk, Russia. She also organizes the Gaasperplas open water competition in the Netherlands and the Amstel Ice Swim.

IISA Netherlands[edit]

IISA Netherlands was founded on 4 September 2019 by Richard Broer, Fergil Hesterman and Christa Hesterman-van Beers with Irene van der Laan and Jac Guijt as board members. The IISA Netherlands promotes ice swimming in the Netherlands by setting up training groups and encouraging people to organize competitions. In 2019, there are three sanctioned events: the Amstel Ice Swim, the Dutch Championships Ice Swimming, and the Bodengraven Ice Swim. The IISA Netherlands also actively organizes official courses to train more IISA officials.

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