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Chris Dahowski second from right with the Swim 22 Team
Chris Dahowski
Swim 22

Chris Dahowski is a creative architect and open water swimming visionary who successfully crossed the Catalina Channel as part of the Swim 22 relay with teammates Jen Schumacher, Michael Vovk and David Hartmire in 2010.

Coaching Career

Dahowski is the head coach of Paseo Aquatics and a certified KAATSU Training Instructor.

Charity Channel Crossing

Dahowski organized and participated in the Swim 22 event was a charity swim for the Jay Nolan Community Services and an example of a Contiguous Solo Crossing Relay.


Dahowski received his Masters Degree of Architecture from Savannah College of Art and Design, a school primarily focused on Design. He spent several years in New York City where he designed and built two custom lofts in the Tribeca district. Although he had no architectural practice at the time, he on his own, designed both spaces and completed the build out of each of them. It was this hands-on experience that would prove to lead Dahowski on his path to founding Archonomy.

He later moved to Los Angeles, California to set up practice. He also obtained his General Construction license establishing Archonomy as a reputable design-build firm in the Los Angeles area. He has a vast knowledge of building forensics, as he is a hands on builder and acts as a project manager on many projects.

Swim 22 Relay

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