Charles River Swimming Day

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Charles River Swimming Day is an event in the Charles River in Boston, Massachusetts that is organized by the Charles River Conservancy and Charles River Swimming Club held in June that features the City Splash and the annual Charles River One Mile Swim at Fiedler Dock on the Esplanade near downtown Boston. An after party is held at Za across the river from Fiedler Dock.


The Charles River Conservancy (CRC) and Charles River Swimming Club (CRSC), in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), is holding the inaugural Charles River Swimming Day on 15 June 2019. Made possible through DCR Special Use Permits, the public is invited to participate


It is a celebration of river swimming. The event provides a unique experience for Massachusetts residents and visitors alike to access the Charles River.


The Charles River Conservancy (CRC), founded in 2000, is a non-profit dedicated to the stewardship, renewal, and enhancement of the urban parklands along the Charles River, from Boston Harbor to the Watertown Dam. One of the CRC’s goals is to create a seasonal swim park at North Point Park that will allow the public to enjoy river swimming.

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