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[[Dr. Cees-Rein Van Der Hoogenband]] is the Chairman of the [[FINA Sports Medicine Committee]], a group of physicians who advise [[FINA]] ([[Fédération Internationale de Natation Amateur]]) on medical issues, including [[hypothermia]] and [[hyperthermia]].  The first committee was formed in 1966 and, two years later, a Medical Committee under the name of International Sports Medicine Committee was established as the equivalent to a technical committee.
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Zachary Firsov (URS, 1966-1984), Jose Antonio Merino (ESP, 1984-1992), Allan B. Richardson (USA, 1992-2000), David Francis Gerrard (NZL, 2000-2001) and now Margo Lynn Mountjoy (CAN) have presided over this Committee.
The Hon. Secretaries have included E. Gebhardt (GDR, 1969-1972), H. N. Bleasdale (GBR, 1972-1976), A. J. Bert de Pape (CAN, 1976-1992), J. Malcom Cameron (GBR, 1992-2000), [[Margo Mountjoy]] (CAN, 2000-2001), Peter E. Snape (GBR, 2001- 2003) and, since 2003, Eide Luebs (GER).
==Current Members==
1. Dr. [[Cees-Rein Van Der Hoogenband]], Chairman of the FINA Sports Medicine Committee <br/>
2. Dr. [[David Gerrard]], Vice Chairman<br/>
3. Dr. [[Saul Marks]], Honorary Secretary<br/>
4. Dr. [[Kevin Boyd]], Member<br/>
5. Dr. [[Mouhamedou Diop]], Member<br/>
6. Dr. [[Farhard Moradi Shahpar]], Member<br/>
7. Dr. [[Jim Miller]], Events Sub-Committee<br/>
8. Dr. [[Kyriakos Nanousis]], Events Sub-Committee<br/>
9. Dr. [[Margo Mountjoy]], FINA Bureau Liaison and IOC Member<br/>
==External links==
* [ FINA Sports Medicine Committee]
* [ Marathon Swimming]

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