Candace Gregg

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Candace Gregg is a 5 Gyres Ambassador from Montana and a student at UCLA.


Gregg's deep affinity for nature was nurtured by a childhood spent hiking majestic mountains and swimming in alpine lakes surrounded by the Rocky Mountains and Glacier National Park. After moving to Los Angeles and witnessing the pollution inherent in an urban setting, she decided to take an ecology class at UCLA. It was here that she first met Anna Cummins, 5 Gyres Executive Director, who came to speak to the class about global plastic pollution.

Inspired by 5 Gyres’ mission, Gregg joined forces with four other students to tackle the problem of plastic microbeads on the UCLA campus. The team conducted research, networked and pitched the idea to campus government. Their persistence paid off when they convinced the Board of Directors of Associated Students to ban the sale of microbeads products on campus. She is currently working with 5 Gyres on phase two of the Microbeads Campaign, which includes tools and resources to empower others to remove microbead products from their campuses, workplaces and homes.

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