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Bethany Bosch

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Bethany Bosch from Wallinford, Vermont
Guri Bosch with open water swimming partner Bethany Bosch on a training swim
Guri Bosch swimming in the 2016 Lake Willoughby Swim alongside her coach Bethany Bosch

Bethany Bosch is a 28-year-old American marathon swimmer from Wallinford, Vermont. She was inducted into the Vermont Open Water Swimming Hall of Fame in its inaugural Class of 2017.

Open Water Swimming Career[edit]

MSF Calendar[edit]

Bosch and Guri were featured in the month of October in the 2015 MSF Calendar.

January: Anthony McCarley, English Channel. Photo by Roger Taylor.
February: Santa Barbara Channel. Photo by Theo Schmeeckle.
March: Ted Erikson at Promontory Point, Chicago. Photo by Louise LeBourgeois.
April: Sarah Thomas at The Arc, USA. Photo by Ken Classen.
May: Underway at Lake Willoughby, USA. Photo by Phil White.
June: Grace van der Byl at MIMS 2014, USA. Photo by John Humenik.
July: Navigation, Lake Pend Oreille, USA. Photo by Andrew Malinak.
August: Suva off Cap Gris Nez, English Channel. Photo by Zoe Sadler.
September: Applegate Lake 10K Start, USA. Photo by Peter Ray.
October: Bethany Bosch & Guri at Lake Willoughby. Photo by Phil White.
November: Round Christiansborg, Denmark. Photo by Samuel Tyson.
December: Nightswimming, Ireland. Photo by Donal Buckley.

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