Battle of Turtle Gut Inlet

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The Battle of Turtle Gut Inset is an open water swimming competition in Wildwood Crest, New Jersey, organized by Barbara Cresse of the South Jersey Triathlon Club. Safety is provided by Bud Johnson, chief of the Wildwood Crest Beach Patrol.


On 29 June 1776 – a few days before the signing of the Declaration of Independence in America – a colonial sailing vessel, the Nancy, bringing gunpowder from the Virgin Islands to revolutionary forces in Philadelphia, was attacked by British navy ships. The Nancy ran aground and the colonists blew up a portion of their own cargo, killing several British sailors, as well as Lt. Richard Wickes, the first New Jersey colonist to die for his soon-to-be declared country. But most of the gunpowder made its way to shore and ultimately to Philadelphia, where it was used in the Revolutionary War.

The Battle of Turtle Gut Inlet honors some of the first military veterans of America.

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