BLUE Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Summit

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The BLUE Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Summit is a global film festival and conservation summit for underwater filmmakers and marine researchers. A simultaneous community festival will share the best of the film competition with the public and will include presentations from the filmmakers and scientists who created them. Following the festival, a selection of winning films will tour the world, providing those who may not otherwise have access to these great films a chance to learn more about our oceans.

The success of BLUE Ocean Film Festival's inaugural event in Savannah during June 2009, quickly established BLUE as the premier industry event for ocean filmmakers. The popularity of the event among filmmakers, photographers, broadcasters and conservation leaders, has helped the festival to attract the world's greatest collection of ocean films.

The goal of BLUE Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Summmit is to share at all levels the latest insights on what is happening in our oceans, and to provide tangible ways people can make a difference.


Presented by Make A Difference Media Foundation, founded by Debbie Kinder, is committed to using the power of film to make a positive impact on important global issues. Make A Difference Meida program goals are to educate, inspire and motivate.


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