Andre Roberts

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Andre Roberts is an ice swimmer and open water swimmer from England who competed in the 456m endurance race at the Big Chill Swim Salford in England on 7 December 2013 and the 21-mile (33.7 km) BLDSA 2 Way Windermere Championship in 11 hours 45 minutes on 1-2 August 2015.

Ice Swimming Career

He was completed an ice mile on 30 January 2014 in 4.30°C water + 2.20°C air for 1.00 mile in 37:12.

Big Chill Swim Salford

The Big Chill Swim Salford is part of the Big Chill Swim Series held in The Quays where a 24m beginner fun swim, 4x24m team relay, competitive 24m, 48m, endurance 456m races are held.

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