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Amy Kleinhans

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Amy Kleinhans-Curd (born 1968) was Miss South Africa 1992, the first non-white winner in the history of South Africa. She placed fourth runner-up to Miss World as Miss World Africa on 12 December 1992.

Miss South Africa

As a 23 year old mixed-race woman, she competed for the first time in 1991 and placed second. She competed the following year and defeated 11 other contestants for the title of Miss South Africa 1992, the first time ever a non-white was crowned in the history of Miss South Africa.

Miss World 1992

As the official representative of her country to the 1992 Miss World pageant held in Sun City, South Africa on 12 December, she became Miss World Africa and 4th runner-up to eventual winner Julia Kourotchkina of Russia.

During the pageant participants paraded with the flag of their country. Amy refused to walk with the flag of then apartheid South Africa. She chose instead to walk with a white flag, symbolising peace. After the event she received a phone call from Nelson Mandela thanking her for making that decision. The dress she wore while participating in the pageant, a white and gold Stefania Morland design with elaborate ostrich feather details, is on exhibition at the CP Nel Museum in Oudtshoorn.

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