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Allison Ware

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Allison Ware is a 37-year-old American endurance athlete and open water swimmer from Nashville, Tennessee .

Open Water Swimming Career Highlights[edit]

  • Completed the 2012 and 2013 Swim the Suck marathon swims.
  • Completed 25+ triathlons
  • Completed an Ironman distance triathlon in 2008
  • Completed 6 marathons
  • Between 25-28 April 2018, she completed all four stage swims of the SCAR Swim Challenge in Arizona (9.5-mile or 15.2 km Saguaro Lake + 9-mile or 14.4 km Canyon Lake + 17-mile or 27.3 km Apache Lake + 6.2-mile or 10 km Roosevelt Lake), finishing 11th overall at the age of 37 in a cumulative time of 17 hours 19 minutes 44.4 seconds.

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