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Alice Bovill is the Club Treasurer of the Ye Amphibious Ancient Bathing Association, a voluntary organisation with Scottish Charity status that are committed to the teaching and coaching of all ages of people to achieve their potential and further their passion for open water swimming.

Ye Amphibious Ancient Bathing Association

Ye Amphibious Ancient Bathing Association has expert trained ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) qualified Teachers and Coaches who are committed to the future progress of the Association's swimming membership through the use of a 25 metres (short course) pool which has 6 lanes and is based within Dundee City Council's St. John's RC High School Community Sport's Wing. During the summer, it also operates a summer training programme for new swimmers wishing to try open water swimmers in Broughty Ferry Harbour which is supported by the association's volunteers.


The Ye Amphibious Ancient Bathing Association was founded in 1884. Over the past century, it has achieved various degrees of success in open water swimming and has continued to promote the highest standards of swimming in Dundee through our affiliation to the Scottish Amateur Swimming Association and Midland District Swimming Association.

The Ye Amphibious Ancient Bathing Association is based at Broughty Ferry Pier during the summer months in its Club House which is part of the 14 Century Broughty Castle Harbour complex on the Beach Crescent waterfront.

Mission of Ye Amphibious Ancient Bathing Association

Ye Amphibious Ancient Bathing Association will

  • become one of the most successful and admired clubs in Tayside
  • provide swimmers with a supportive environment for personal growth
  • provide swimmers with first class training opportunities to reach their full potential indoors and outdoors
  • will work in partnership with various Dundee based agencies to promote its own open water aims and objectives through active citizenship and civic reasonability
  • endeavour to be admired as an association through its excellent swimmers and volunteers, fostering a competitive nature where swimmers can train in a safe and friendly environment


The officers and committee members are volunteers who are elected annually. The leadership includes the following individuals:

Honorary President: Netta Spence
President: Joyce McIntosh
Vice President: Steve James
Club Secretary: Tana Canda
Club Treasurer: Alice Bovill
Head Coach: Jenny Pedersen
Registration Officer: Kirsty Melville
Welfar Officer: Claire Moodie
Minutes Secretary: Margaret Moodie
Open Water Secretary: Joyce McIntosh
Fundraising Secretary: Claire Moodie
Workforce Co-ordinator: Steve Hackney
Ordinary Member: Stephen Massey
Ordinary Member: Claire Ramsey
Ordinary Member: Alan Spalding
Ordinary Member: Stewart Downie
Ordinary Member: Ricky Caffrey
Ordinary Member: Heather Miller
Ordinary Member: Mark Sales
Ordinary Member: Kenny Tragham
Ordinary Member: Lynsey Bovill


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