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Abhejali Bernardová crossing the North Channel in 10 hours 23 minutes, photo by sister and crew member Jana Bernardová
Abhejali Bernardová completed the Oceans Seven on 24 February 2018
Abhejali Bernardová was more than half way in the Molokai Channel after a long night
Abhejali Bernardová with helper Jayalata, after finishing her 5th Oceans Seven swim from Molokai Island to Oahu on 28 March 2017 in 21 hours 52 minutes
Abhejali Bernardová was part of her escort crew and support team
Abhejali Bernardová taking the Peace Torch to schools on Oahu after her Molokai Channel crossing

Abhejali Bernardová is a 43-year-old peace runner turned open water swimmer and member of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team from Zlin, Czech Republic. She is the 10th person in history, 4th woman and first swimmer from Czech Republic to complete the Oceans Seven channels. She has also achieved the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming. As a runner, she has completed a 6-day run, 24-hour runs, and 100 km runs. She was nominated for the 2018 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year by the World Open Water Swimming Association.

Oceans Seven Achievement

Oceans Seven Swimmers

1st: Stephen Redmond (Ireland)
2nd: Anna-Carin Nordin (Sweden)
3rd: Michelle Macy (USA)
4th: Darren Miller (USA)
5th: Adam Walker (UK)
6th: Kimberley Chambers (New Zealand)
7th: Antonio Argüelles (Mexico)
8th: Ion Lazarenco Tiron (Moldavia/Ireland)
9th: Rohan Dattatrey More (India)
10th: Abhejali Bernardová (Czech Republic)
11th: Cameron Bellamy (South Africa)
12th: Lynton Mortensen (Australia)
13th: Thomas Pembroke (Australia)
14th: Nora Toledano Cadena (Mexico)
15th: Mariel Hawley Davila (Mexico)
16th: André Wiersig (Germany)
17th: Elizabeth Fry (USA)
18th: Attila Mányoki (Hungary)
19th: Jonathan Ratcliffe (UK)
20th: Jorge Crivilles Villanueva (Spain)]
21st: Adrian Sarchet (Guernsey)
22nd: Prabhat Koli (India)
23rd: Dina Levačić (Croatia)
24th: Herman van der Westhuizen (South Africa)
25th: Andy Donaldson (Scotland)
26th: Stephen Junk (Australia)
27th: Kieron Palframan (South Africa)

Open Water Swimming Career

Strait of Gibraltar Crossing

Catalina Channel Crossing

North Channel Crossing

2018 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year Nomination

Abhejali Bernardová is a peace ultrarunner (6-day runs + 24-hour runs + 100 km runs) turned swimmer who promotes endurance sports and self-transcendence via media appearances and speeches to the public and at school. The member of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team became the 4th woman to complete the Oceans Seven. After achieving the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming, she crossed the English Channel (14 hours 46 minutes), Strait of Gibraltar (4 hours 45 minutes), Catalina Channel (9 hours 46 minutes), Tsugaru Channel (11 hours 6 minutes), Molokai Channel (21 hours 52 minutes), North Channel (10 hours 24 minutes), and Cook Strait (14 hours 9 minutes) between the ages of 34 and 41 to become the first person from the Czech Republic - a landlocked country - to swim across 6 iconic channels, all successful on her first attempt. She organized a record number of swimmers in a new popular 6-hour pool swim in the Czech Republic shortly after her last channel swim. She teaches about the importance of a calm mind for success in the open water and on dryland. For being a Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team ambassador who achieved the Oceans Seven, for continuing to serve as a peace runner, race director and an organizer of extreme sports that gives others an opportunity to experience their own challenges under safe conditions, and for lending a helping hand and friendly smile with a passion for long distance swimming as a mentor for people of all ages and abilities, Abhejali Bernardová of the Czech Republic is a worthy nominee for the 2018 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year.

2021 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year Nomination

She was nominated for the 2021 World Open Water Swimming Women of the Year Award. The winners and nominees of this category in the 2021 WOWSA Awards include:

Winner: Kate Steels (Great Britain)
First Runner-up: Elaine Burrows Dillane (Ireland)
Second Runner-up: Abhejali Bernardová (Czech Republic)
4. Mayra Santos (Brazil)
5. Merle Liivand (Estonia)
6. Shu Pu (Hong Kong)
7. Sarah Thomas (USA)
8. Amy Ennion (Great Britain)
9. Lexie Kelly (USA)
10. Maria Cotignolo (Uruguay)
11. Chloë McCardel (Australia)
12. Ana Marcela Cunha (Brazil)
13. Abigail Fairman (USA)
14. Kerry Kopke (South Africa)
15. Carina Bruwer (South Africa)

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