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noun - 9 Hands (or 9 Hands Principle) is a concept and teaching methodology conceived by Hall of Fame wrestler Andre Metzger. 9 Hands refers to the two feet, two knees, two elbows, two hands, and the head on a wrestler, swimmer or any other athlete in movement.

9 Hands of Swimming

The 9 Hands of Swimming is a concept developed by Chris Morgan for swimming that was adapted from the 9 Hands Principle of Andre Metzger.

9 Hands of Open Water Swimming

The 9 Hands of Open Water Swimming refers to the same 9 body parts that are used in open bodies of water either in synchronicity (harmony) or in dissonance (disharmony) where ideally the 9 Hands are in flow and rhythm relative to the dynamic forces in the open water.

Andre Metzger

Andre Metzger is a 60-year-old American wrestler and coach who retired as the world's winningest wrestler in history and a member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.




With his powerful kick and streamlined body and head position, Alexander Popov is the ideal model for the 9 Hands of Swimming.

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