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The 1.8K New World Cross Harbour Race (新世界維港泳) is a 1.8 km open water swim in Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong. The swim is organised by the Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association (HKASA) with the New World Group as the title sponsor. It is one of the Top 50 Open Water Swims In Asia.

HKASA Honourable Secretary Ronnie Wong said, "The cross harbor swim is one of the city's most exciting sporting events which is also perhaps the most representative of the spirit of Hong Kong. In past years, members of the community took great pride in having taken part in the race and challenging themselves to achieve their own personal new records. We are very pleased that the "New World Harbour Race 2011" has received an overwhelming response. The outstanding support from the community for our athletes will give us momentum to further develop and evolve this iconic sporting event. As the organiser of the Race, HKASA is dedicated to offering a remarkable experience to swimmers and supporting them to help break their own records. Unlike the previous cross harbor races which started on-shore, all the race categories of the New World Harbour Race 2011 will kick off in open water close to Sam Ka Tsuen Public Landing in Lei Yue Mun. For example, the Men's Individual Race will see more than 500 athletes in red swimming caps getting ready for the gunfire in open water."


The race takes its origins from the Hong Kong Cross-Harbour Swim which was first started in 1906 under British colonial rule and was one of the highlights of the Hong Kong open water swimming community from 1912 to 1978. The race was halted in 1978 due to heavy pollution in the waterways, but was revived in 2011 as the New World Development Corporation.

The 2011 race was held on October 16th with a course that stretched 1.8K from Sam Ka Tsuen Public Landing in Lei Yue Mun to Quarry Bay Park. There were four race categories: Men's Individual (548 swimmers), Women's Individual (167 swimmers), Men's Team (72 teams) and Women's Team (23 teams).

The 2013 race saw the inclusion of a number of world-class professional marathon swimmers and victories by Christian Reichert of Germany and Poliana Okimoto of Brazil.

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