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Yash Daryanani
Yash Daryanani
Yash Daryanani (born 7 September 1981 in Chennai, India) was a swimmer and is now a coach for Paramaribo, Suriname. He is a coach for Oase Swim team in Paramaribo,Suriname and is also one of the National Coaches of Suriname. He coaches pool and open water swimmers and is on the Technical Commission of The Suriname Swimming Organisation.In 2012 he became the Youth Development Officer for the Suriname Triathlon Union and in 2013 he became the National Coach for Triathlon.

Yash began his coaching career with Swimming in 2002. By 2009, he made it to National Selection.

He attended the first International swimcamp that was held in Miami.At this camp swimmers of Tunisia,st.Lucia,Suriname,Mexico and USA were present.There were also several coaches who attended this camp.Coaches from Tunisia,France,Russia,St.Lucia and Suriname were glad to be at this first international camp.


Swimming Career

He competed as a pool swimmer specializing in as both a sprinter and long distance swimmer. He was first male at the age of 13 to swim 1000 meter and the 1500 meter Backstroke in Suriname.

Coaching Career

Countries and competitions Yash has coached and/or been selected as National coach:

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