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Xingkai Lake or Khanka Lake is located on the border of China and Russia. It is the largest lake in northeast Asia, as well as a trans-boundary body of water between China and Russia. The lake is called Lake Xingkai in China and Khanka Lake in Russia.

There are 23 inflowing rivers to the lake, 8 draining from China and 15 draining from Russia. The Song’acha River is the only outflow river from the lake, and is subsequently connected with the Wusuli/Ussuri River and the Heilong/Amur River system.

Xingkai/Khankai natural reserve is part of an integral strategic system for ecological protection of China and Russia. The drainage basin of Lake Xingkai/Khanka is a habitat for important animal and plant species of both countries, particularly the wetlands surrounding the lake. Russia designated the lake as a Ramsar Convention wetland site, on the basis of its importance for migratory bird species.

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